The Karters’ Dev Blog #5 – New Release Date & Beta Tests Sign Up Announcement!

Greetings and Salutations Kart Fans, We’ve realised that we’re almost halfway through October when we noticed the rain had begun its announced onslaught, creating its infamous dim and gloomy atmosphere all over the place. Cmoar Studio has been working on The Karters without Autumn’s hindrance; with the help of our lovely community we are improving […]


The Karters’ Dev Blog #4 – The Karters Release Date!

Kart Fans, The term “busy as a bee” is as accurate as you can get when it comes to how hard we are working on developing and improving The Karters.This week we are going to cover mostly our Multiplayer testing phase, our Battle Arena, the progress of our tracks, but we’ll also throw in some […]


The Karters’ Dev Blog #3 – GAMESCOM 2016

Greetings Kart Fans, We’re back from Gamescom and now we can safely say that we have recharged our batteries and filled with post-convention determination we’re continuing our work on The Karters. It was a joy to be able to witness Europe’s most prestigious gaming convention in Cologne and we are really glad we were selected […]


The Karters’ Dev Blog #2

Dear Kart Fans, This week we will kickoff our dev blog with The Karters’ visual upgrade, ongoing Gamescom preparations and our very first fanart. Grab your cup of tea or coffee, sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy our second attempt at trying to grasp what is going on within our small indie studio from […]


The Karters’ Dev Blog #1

Hello Kart Fans, The Karters is developing nicely, the hot weather is accompanying our graphic designers with newly found inspirations, the city’s ambience resonates through our windows and here we are creating something interesting to read for our fans. For you. GAMESCOM 2016 You read that right, we are heading to Cologne, Germany to showcase […]