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    Hey everyone !

    Who has never fought like crazy to be the best of friends on mario kart ?
    Who never had the competitive spirit by playing Crash Team Racing ?

    in 2016 the video game competition took a big extent in our society. More and more people are interested in eSports.

    But unfortunately, no game like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, had big competitions. But here comes The Karters!

    And today we can push the game in the competition, as we have more and more tools, such as ESL (Electronic Sports League).

    In Korea, they play at competitive level in a game called KartRider.

    When I see the success of the game in Asia, i ask me why The Karters would not have a chance in Europe and America.

    1° Graphics are good.
    2° The same competitive spirit like Mario kart, Crash team racing.
    3° Online mode.

    So if we, players finally want to compete on a game like Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing, our chance is here with The Karters. We have to be together to create a large community, and grow the game !

    Thank you.

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    I wanted to post this photo at the end but I was wrong ^^ and I can not edit, to give you an idea of The Karters at competitive level.

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    nice! I’m so excited to play this game! i hope we can go forward and be The kartes an eSport game

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    well, I believe that what makes a esport is the community, if the karters turns to be a skill oriented game like this kart rider that you posted and develop a highly competitive community I can’t see why the karter couldn’t be a esport.
    PS: English is not my primary language, hope u guys get the message :p

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