The Karters’ Dev Blog #1

Hello Kart Fans,

The Karters is developing nicely, the hot weather is accompanying our graphic designers with newly found inspirations, the city’s ambience resonates through our windows and here we are creating something interesting to read for our fans. For you.

You read that right, we are heading to Cologne, Germany to showcase our game and we must admit everyone at Cmoar Studio is excited! Just a reminder – Gamescom will take place from 17 August to 21 August 2016.

As of now, we are developing a build fit for Gamescom so that everyone will enjoy kart racing during this prestigious event. The point of our game is to have fun, right? And we’re making sure you will.

So if you are in the neighborhood (Hall 04.1, Stand B026a), stop by and say hello!

Weapons and Battle Arena
Our programmer, Daniel, had finished all prototype weapons that will appear during our Early Access phase. We often feature them on our social media and steam discussions so we guess most of you are aware of what’s coming your way. And if you are not, then join The Weapon Prototype Lab and be in the loop of what weapons of kart desctruction will be available in Early Access (yes, we do update the thread with new content!).

The first Battle Arena is almost ready and soon we are going to schedule a lot, a lot of tests to ensure all weapons will be balanced. Checking whether the arena will withstand this devastation could also be an important part of the process.

Currently, 3 tracks (Jungle, Beach, Canyon) are all set and done and now we proceed to tackle Jungle – The Dam which is the 4th track and also a part of the Jungle environment.

Also, we thought we would share one of the tracks (Beach) that will appear in EA and we must admit it fits our scorching hot season so far:

Mateusz, our 2D artist, said that working on The Karters had greatly expanded his knowledge of Unity. And Tomek, our 3D artist, proudly stated that Poseidon/Neptune would be delighted with his ability to create and polish Unity’s water on our tracks. Michał, our Level Designer loves the track, but the entire process had changed his mind about having holidays by the sea this year. Oh well.

Miłosz, who handles 3d modelling at Cmoar Studio said it was pure pleasure to model the pier’s planks. Each plank increased his knowledge and experience in creating majestic and realistic planks. Yes, planks. “Yeah, I love ’em,” he says while looking indifferently at his computer screen.

Spread the word!
At Cmoar Studio we are working hard to deliver The Karters in a state that will instill joy and delight around every corner. From the very start you will feel Crash Team Racing’s soul and the very first boost will make you say: “This feels so familiar!”

You guys keep us motivated! Young or old, novice or veteran; everyone will find something to cheer upon in our game. Let’s race together!

Help us spread the word about The Karters, we need you! Tell your friends that a kart racing game inspired by CTR is coming and it will hit Early Access late September/early October. Our Steam group has almost 800 members! What are you waiting for? Join the discussions!

Next Dev Blog soon!

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