The Karters’ Dev Blog #2

Dear Kart Fans,

This week we will kickoff our dev blog with The Karters’ visual upgrade, ongoing Gamescom preparations and our very first fanart.
Grab your cup of tea or coffee, sit comfortably in your chair and enjoy our second attempt at trying to grasp what is going on within our small indie studio from Poland.

The Karters’ Visual Jump

This week we had posted a video on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit featuring our new visual upgrade and we had received lots of feedback! Thanks to the Unity 5.4 upgrade we were able to achieve this radiant effect that spread even into our office, putting a smile on each and every member of our team.

Here are four key elements that helped our visuals take a huge leap forward:

  1. Unity 5.4 added Cinematic Effects, which were used in the Adam Short Film animation.
  2. We had bought the Alloy Shader package – it enabled us to control all used materials in our project with ease.
  3. The new Tonemapping gives the ability to adjust colors in all post processing effects.
  4. We applied all of our previously acquired experiences with The Karters to very good use.

The famous trail and error technique proved to be the way every developer has to take when venturing deep into a project. Any project. And so far we are really satisfied with the result. We have been developing The Karters for over a year now and seeing it with this new visual upgrade makes us proud and more determined to keep on going.

Gamescom 2016 Preparations Part II

If you haven’t heard already we will attend this year’s Gamescom and hopefully people will see why we are so hyped about The Karters. A big gaming convention means a lot of preparation, thus a trip like that means two things:

We are in high spirits, eagerly awaiting the day to travel to Cologne, Germany and showcase The Karters to a really wide audience. You will be able to play on three totally different tracks and with an arsenal of weapons to vanquish your opponents from the race!
If you are attending Gamescom this year, you must visit us (Hall 04.1, Stand B026a) and because we love photos – take a photo with us! We are really friendly beings

The Karters’ Fanarts


We received these lovely fanarts a couple of days ago by one of our active members in our Steam discussions and I do not need to mention we were pleasantly surprised. Fanarts really make a developer happy, because when your character is being drawn by your fan it really melts your heart and makes you appreciate your and their work. Thank you for all your hard work Amexys!

If you have something to show us you can always share it on our social media, we love to see what you guys are capable of.

There you have it. Thanks for reading. It has been a very busy month for us and it’s only going to be even busier. It’s high time we start packing for Gamescom, so stay tuned for the next dev blog in a couple of weeks!

If you somehow missed our first dev blog: here’s a link.

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