The Karters’ Dev Blog #3 – GAMESCOM 2016

Greetings Kart Fans,

We’re back from Gamescom and now we can safely say that we have recharged our batteries and filled with post-convention determination we’re continuing our work on The Karters. It was a joy to be able to witness Europe’s most prestigious gaming convention in Cologne and we are really glad we were selected to showcase our game to a much wider audience. Without further ado, have a read of what happened in the previous week and see what we are working on at this very moment. Have a nice read! 🙂


We’ve received tons and tons of feedback from players ranging from developers, press, business, and of course gamers. Each person sat down, pressed START, chose one from four characters, one out of three tracks and typed in their three letter names for the highscore (arcade nostalgia).
After a short loading time, the player took off and began his first impressions with The Karters. Impressions. After the player finished the race we received feedback which was filled with so many positive words and phrases that it simply made our hearts melt. This notion made us believe that games really connect people and The Karters is one of those games that could be a wonderful family game as well as being a competitive one for veterans to set their rivalries on the race track.

We weren’t without bugs though. Some really sneaky bugs found their way into our game and tried to jeopardize our entire Gamescom operation. To no avail! Our wonderful players understood that the game is not even in Early Access yet and they were supportive from the very moment they grabbed the gamepad. Thank you everyone! We would also like to thank [ZA] Kastello who decided to visit us with his friends. It’s hard to describe the feeling when a fan comes, says hello and plays your game. The only regret we have is not taking a photo, how could we have forgotten about immortalizing that precious moment?

We had a small stand, but we made the most out of it, fitting our TV just in the right spot. Overall, we were satisfied with the result we had achieved and our guests didn’t mind as well – they were so hungry to play! You can see what our stand looked like right below:

Gamescom 2016 was a tremendous experience for the entire Cmoar Studio Team and we’re still in awe of how the entire event was well organized. We’ve made tons of new friends and had a really, really good time in Germany. If someone is contemplating about going to Gamescom: don’t think about it and just go. It’s a wonderful opportunity to visit a lot of your favorite games and meet a lot of new people. We cannot stress it enough, you will not regret leaving your home. Have we mentioned free souvenirs?

Now, it’s high time to regenerate and get back to working on The Karters.


Currently, we are developing a feature that every member of our community would like to hear about – multiplayer. A very daunting task, but so far so good. We’ve said that we will hit Early Access with multiplayer and we are doing everything we can to ensure you will have it all neat and tidy. We think we stressed it enough already, but we want The Karters to be a game that WE would like to play in our free time (yes, developers play games too), especially competing within our small indie studio.

Next thing on our short list is to make sure all the gathered feedback will be revised and implemented into our game. People at Gamescom were so supportive and with their constructive criticism we are able to go the right way, the player’s way. So, bug-fixing, implementing, coming up with new ideas, polishing, designing, writing, creating new concept arts, modeling, rendering – we’re doing the usual. Keep your fingers crossed!

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And if you had seen our Gameplay Trailer which aired during Gamescom 2016 – leave your thoughts in the discussions!

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