The Karters’ Dev Blog #4 – The Karters Release Date!

Kart Fans,

The term “busy as a bee” is as accurate as you can get when it comes to how hard we are working on developing and improving The Karters.This week we are going to cover mostly our Multiplayer testing phase, our Battle Arena, the progress of our tracks, but we’ll also throw in some pretty important news along the way. Have a nice read then!


If you are up to date on our progress then you know we are testing our multiplayer. The ability to race players from all around the world is always a thriller and it’s always a very challenging piece of the development process of any game. HUD was a bit tricky, especially when we were implementing what each player sees during the race. We have to make sure that the player’s visiblity wouldn’t be hindered by a ton of information when they will be battling it out on our race tracks. Visibility is crucial to achieve victory, right?

The GUI has been improved. We believe that it is way more intuitive and everyone should be able to navigate it without any problems. Also, it has everything a player needs to prepare for a race. We simply can’t wait!

We’ve also received questions regarding whether there will be splitscreen multiplayer. Yes, it will be possible to play with your friend via this method. Playing with your friends is something we strived for when we first had started developing our game and we’re glad that our lovely community thinks so as well!


A quick glimpse at our completed Battle Arena. We are really proud of its design and we can’t wait to see all of our players trying to eliminate each other as opposed to simply being first on the finishing line. It will be a perfect opportunity to see who would be the best pure shooter in The Karters! We believe this mode will satisfy both novice and veteran players. We guess we can count on our players’ competitive nature in this regard. First gameplay tests are underway. Take a look at our updated Battle Arena:


Gamescom 2016 feedback proved that our Jungle, Canyon and Beach tracks looked pretty good and were fun to play on. With that being said we are working on three new ones that will expand our little Early Access roster. Unfortunately, we cannot show any sneakpeeks as of now, but we will share our creations on social media soon enough, so stay tuned! Environments are pretty important, so you should be able to see lots of detail on each one of them and of course enjoy our carefully placed shortcuts, crate placements etc. Oh! The Canyon map will also have a small update as well. All thanks to our players and the feedback we get from the Steam discussions!


Yup, without further ado The Karters will hit Early Access on 8th November. Of course, we apologize for moving our release date; however, we have to make sure the game will be stable and immensely fun right from the start, and we fear that it wouldn’t be possible if we released it this month. We hope we will be able to deliver what you wanted and we thank you for your understanding.

Day in day out we have been developing The Karters for over a year now and we are still improving, tweaking etc. We can promise you that we are listening to your feedback, the Steam discussions stand as undeniable proof. We’d like to thank everyone involved and we encourage all to participate. After all – you are the community and you make this happen.

Thanks for reading!

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